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A Kaleidescape System simplifies the way you collect, manage and enjoy your movies and. It will store and automatically organize your collections for fast, easy access. Browse your collections using the system's innovative, intuitive interface.
Make a selection. Press PLAY. And then sit back and relax. Movies and music can be instantly delivered to any room in your house, at any time.

The Kaleidescape Movie Guide Service provides video bookmarks that let you jump to the beginning of the movie or to your favourite television episode Ñ with no trailers. No ads.

Want to hear some music? The Kaleidescape System lets you quickly select and play any album or track. You can also make customized Mix Albums. Enjoy your selections in order, or let the Kaleidescape System be your programmer. While you're listening, learn more about the music you love with expert reviews provided by Kaleidescape's Music Guide Service. Want to take your music wherever you go? No problem. Sync your Kaleidescape music to iTunes on your PC or to your iPod.