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Center Speaker

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Wilson centre-channel loudspeakers have always been modular and adjustable in the time domain. The adjustable tweeter module facilitates precise time alignment between the centre channel and the front stereo speakers, creating a completely coherent and three-dimensional sound field. With the sophisticated tweeter-module mounting hardware, these adjustments are achieved with precision and ease.
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Mezzo Centre Channel
Mezzo seamlessly matches the acoustic signature of Wilson's remarkable Sasha. Indeed, the Mezzo features a driver complement nearly identical to the Sasha, the exception being the midrange driver, which is borrowed from the legendary Alexandria X-2©. The Mezzo also provides an unprecedented level of musical accuracy in music systems and home theatres where its low-profile form solves architectural challenges, such as in those installations where a tall loudspeaker would block wall-to-wall cinema screens, the view afforded by large windows, or would obstruct wall-hanging artwork.
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