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Everything-But-The-Box Terra II

Tweak Technologies

Bookshelf Speakers

Terra II Bookshelf Speakers - Gloss Black
Like New. Boxed.
R 14 700

"Everything but the box" is not your typical box speaker...   

The shape of the 20mm thick baffle (real wood, not fibre) helps to minimize adverse diffraction effects and evens out the frequency response. On the front, a flared aluminium depression encircles the tweeter. Between the tweeter and internally leather-clad reflex port (its mouthpiece is made of brass) sits the sine qua non of this speaker without which it would not be what it is: a 4" Morel mid/woofer with NdFe motor and 2-inch voice coil. This is loaded into a 6mm thick cast aluminium sphere or bowl as they call it, to which are affixed narrow decorative metal strips better known from cowboy aesthetics. It's sheer physics that such a sphere is extremely rigid and quite non-resonant (not to the extent however those vibrations could not be sensed when a hand is placed upon it). "The bowl is very rigid. It can handle very high pressure"
The speaker stands on three adjustable spikes, one in the front, two in the rear. The spikes have a matching protective counter piece as just one of many small details in this speaker. 

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