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Gato Audio CD Player

Gato Audio

CD Player

Gato has combined a creamy summation of all the best technological breakthroughs stemming from the developments in the CD's 30-year history, and in addition included a couple of innovations Gato is proud to have made specifically for this groundbreaking DAC/CD drive.

Especially highlighted is the true 24bit/192kHz digital inputs via USB or Coaxial connector, that enables a sonic performance vastly above that of any CD. Use the CDD-1 as a digital connection point for your computer, iPad and streaming devices and it will give you a stunning performance with effortless soundstage and musical details in return.

The CDD-1 will also play ordinary CDs, retrieving all the fine details of your music collection through the professionally specified and widely acclaimed Philips CDpro2 mechanism.    
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