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Gato Audio Integrated Amps

Gato Audio

Integrated Amplifiers

Amp-150 AE Integrated Amp
An integrated amplifier of the highest aesthetic, technical and audio reproductive quality. Beautiful, simple and functional by design. As easy as child's play to operate. Resourceful enough to hold the most power-hungry speakers in a viselike grip, yet at the same time musical, respectful and authentic.
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DIA-400S Integrated Amp with DAC
The reference in Class-D amplification just got even better! The Gato Audio DIA-400S is all about merging the best sound quality with the best and most versatile features.
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DIA-250S Integrated Amp with DAC
The Gato Audio DIA-250S is the perfect example of how to merge excellent sound quality, perfect design, profound electrical circuits and aptX Bluetooth technology.
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DIA-400S NPM Integrated Amp with DAC
The reference in Class-D amplification with an all-new Roon Ready streaming module built-in is an absolute killer among the one box solutions in the market today.
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DIA-250S NPM Integrated Amp with DAC
The bestselling integrated amplifier/DAC combined with the NPM streaming solution – offering fantastic sound quality, 250 Watts of power and lossless wireless streaming in one beautiful cabinet.
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