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PWR-222 Mono Power Amplifier
The PWR-222 is a reference in analogue power amplification. With Gato's own TwinFET technology it delivers a staggering 250W/8ohm and can deal with even the most power-hungry speakers.
The Gato Audio TwinFET technology has been developed to counter problems and compromises that are present in the majority of power amplifiers. Our TwinFET circuit solves these electrical and sonic problems at the point where they are created, thereby avoiding adding compromising correctional circuits and components.
This is the basic reason why you only will find two output transistors in the PWR-222s output stage, one for the positive and one for the negative part of a sine wave, nothing more, nothing less.
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DPA-4004 4 Channel Power Amplifier

The Gato Audio DPA-4004 is a 4 channel flexible power amplifier, that offers unparalleled and performance in the smallest and most beautiful package.
The DPA-4004 offers no less than 4x400W in 8ohm load, doubling in 4ohm. Each pair of channels are bridgeable – enabling this fully configurable powerhouse to be used for either multichannel setups, active systems or for bi-amping speakers.
This amplifier is the obvious choice for the Gato Audio PRD-3s preamplifier/DAC but is also very suitable as a workhorse for the integrated amplifiers DIA-250S and DIA-400S – offering even more channels and flexibility.
For multichannel systems, it will serve as a slave for a surround processor perhaps in combination with a PRD-3S, DIA-250S or DIA-400S enabling their Home Theatre setting.
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DPA-2506 6 Channel Power Amplifier

The Gato Audio DPA-2506 is a 6 channel flexible power amplifier, that offers unparalleled power and performance in the smallest and most beautiful package.
The DPA-2506 amplifier offers three state-of-the-art Class-D output stages each with dedicated and optimized switch mode power supplies. The multiple stage power amplifiers are built around proven technology from International Rectifier, optimized with precision high-frequency oscillators and PWM modulators.
Precision switching MOS-FET transistors, with super low on-resistance ensures the high-frequency switching is done perfectly and with as little loss as possible. The output filters are made from quality PP capacitors and low DCR coils, converting the high power PWM signals back into detailed and smooth analogue music.
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