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PRD-3S Pre-amp / DAC
    The PRD-3S is an essential part of the Gato Audio reference system, the perfect partner for the PWR-222 monoblock power amplifiers.
The built-in D/A converter offers real high-end performance, enabled by the use of a dedicated power supply, a balanced-drive Burr-Brown PCM1794 D/A converter, an optimized high bandwidth I/V converter, and an analogue stage with low-Q, low pass filters. All digital inputs are upsampled to 24bit/192kHz. This D/A converter will upgrade any digital source - such as wired or wireless streaming from your computer or CD drive - to a high-end level of detail and musical performance.
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PRD-3 Pre-amp / DAC
   The Gato Audio PRD-3 preamplifier features low noise analogue circuitry, true 24bit/192Khz conversion, upsampling of the lesser quality and a very clean internal clock generator for ultra-low jitter in the digital domain. 
The analogue input stage is where everything begins. It not only connects external inputs and the built-in D/A converter with the output stage, but it also adapts impedances, adjusts levels and switches signals. A super-gentle embrace of the delicate analogue signals is important for the total performance of the preamplifier. Gato Audio have utilized their many years of experience in "voicing" analogue amplifiers to make this particular stage perform at its very best. They tuned the input stage to perform with a natural and lifelike sound, affecting the original signal as little as possible.
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