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Kalista DreamPlay One CD Player


CD Player

The DreamPlay range displays the latest developments of the legendary Kalista CD transport created in 2002. DreamPlay ONE is Kalista's first integrated player, pure like always and simpler to use compared to a DreamPlay CD and DAC set.
DreamPlay ONE has an impeccable finish and captivating sound.

  • Philips CD Pro 12 pickup mechanism with proprietary improvements
  • Digital Output: AES EBU on XLR Connector
  • Elektra Power supply with 7 independent lines
  • Weight/dimensions of Drive Unit : 24 kg 450 x 135 x 460 mm
  • Weight/dimensions of Power Supply : 15 kg 450 x 105 x 435 mm
  • Silent-base
  • Tripode Kalista KaTri
  • Customisation on request    

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