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Kalista DreamPlay CD


CD Transports

For the most demanding audiophiles, the DreamPlay CD turntable shows an exceptional design and combines the pleasure of your eyes to musical hedonism. Put the disc onto the turntable, cover it with the CD clamp, press play and shut your eyes: this is live music.
The sound qualities of the DreamPlay CD are the result of electronic know-how and a combination of noble materials. The chassis is made of massive aluminium, transparent parts are made of methacrylate 60 mm thick, and feet made of massive stainless steel… All the parts of Kalista are designed at their workshop and completely built by hand by their Handcrafters. Each and every device is validated through a series of tests and audiophile listenings.

  • Philips CD Pro pickup mechanism, with proprietary improvements
  • Digital outputs 16 bits/44.1 kHz : S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink
  • Elektra mini or Elektra power supply with 7 independent regulation lines
  • Weight/dimensions of the drive : 24 kg/450x135x460 mm
  • Weight/dimensions of Elektra : 15 kg/450x105x435 mm


  • Square or triangle silent-base
  • Tripode stand
  • Customization on request

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