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Krell Multi-Channel Amps


Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Krell’s “XD” (Xtended Dynamics, Xtended Dimensionality, Xtended Detail) upgrade for the iBias amplifiers takes an already great sounding amplifier and raises its performance to the next level. “XD” is a classic example of Krell’s continuous R&D efforts reaping benefits across multiple product lines.

* Trio 300 XD - 3 Channel Power Amplifier
* Chorus 4200 XD - 4 Channel Power Amplifier
* Chorus 5200 XD - 5 Channel Power Amplifier
* Chorus 7200 XD - 7 Channel Power Amplifier
* Theater 7 XD - 7 Channel Power Amplifier

Download Trio 300 XD, Chorus 4200 XD, Chorus 5200 XD & Chorus 7200 XD
Download Theater 7 Brochure...

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