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Metronome CD Players


CD Player - DAC

Le Player 3+ CD Player & Hybrid DAC
In its elegant and timeless outfit, Le Player 3+ is the perfect device for all the music lovers who listen to computer music and thus need an excellent DAC, but who also listen to their old CDs from time to time.

Le Player 4+ DAC & CD Hybrid
Le Player 4+ is the affordable premium DAC and CD player for all audiophiles, characterised by fabulous sound reproduction. The converter part is accessible through the USB or S/PDIF input and decodes all audio file formats up to DSD 512. In its silver of black aluminium livery, the Player 4+ will integrate its premium finish with the greatest elegance.

AQWO is the last generation of Métronome's DAC & SACD/CD Hybrids. Actually the first SACD player of the brand, it really is also a very high-end converter decoding DSD up to 512.

AQWO OPA / Tube Version
Depending on your preferences, 2 analogue stage output options (OPA or Tube) are available and can be customised on request.
Complex engineering solutions and a multi-PCB board design is specific for each AQWO
 - 6 electronic boards are used in total for an OPA output version
 - 8 electronic boards are used in total for a Tube output version.
The tube output section consists of 2 JAN6922 using a Class A polarization diagram with a high bandwidth. The output impedance is low so there is no loss in high frequency. The user has the possibility to drive unbalanced or balanced pre-amps.

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