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Metronome CD Transports


CD Transports

Le Player 3 CD Transport
Le Player 3 is a high-end CD transport in the classic and timeless format of the brand's devices. Equipped with completely new electronics, this device is particularly intended for audiophiles who already have a converter and wish to listen to their CDs in optimal conditions.

Le Player 4 CD Transport
Le Player 4 is the high-end "Top-loading" CD transport that all audiophiles were waiting for, with its classic design and high-end sound production. And a novelty in Métronome's Classica range, Le Player 4 allows a streaming option to be included, directly integrated in its housing.

t|AQWO SACD / CD Transport
t|AQWO is a pure drive and plays CDs and Super Audio CDs. It plays indifferently PCM or DSD layers in the case of SACDs. t|AQWO was equipped with re-sampling capabilities, allowing to transform the output signal in a very versatile way according to your preference.

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