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Headphone Amplifiers

Premier Headphone Amplifier
After years of headphone amp design experience, listener feedback and  numerous prototypes, MSB is proud to introduce the Premier Headphone Amplifier. Guided by their design principles, they've achieved a perfect balance of quality, functionality and beauty. When paired with their world-class Premier or Discrete DAC, you can experience the finest digital audio on a widely supported variety of dynamic headphones.

Dynamic Headphone Amplifier
Designed for dynamic headphones, the Reference Headphone Amp is a fully balanced amplifier. Boasting 139dB of dynamic range, the amp works in tandem with the Reference and Select DAC, allowing the music to come to life in vibrant and unforgettable new ways.

Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier
With the great variety of headphone choices, it is only possible to achieve the best performance with a single headset in mind.  You can not use the universal headphone amp concept with the Select level of performance.  That is why MSB has built a dedicated Stax* headphone amp to be paired with the Select DAC.

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