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Pedestal Isolation Pod
As any physicist knows, no device, no matter how clever or sophisticated, can eliminate energy. It can only convert undesirable energy into a more benign force. This applies to unwanted vibrations that hamper the fidelity of both transducers (such as analogue playback devices) and electronics (which are susceptible to vibration-induced microphonics).
With this understanding, Wilson Audio’s Special Application Engineering team has always approached the problem of vibration mitigation from a scientific perspective. When designing its new isolation device, the WASAE team leveraged Wilson’s industry-leading measurement capabilities, which have evolved continuously from their perennial quest for the best solutions for ultra-low resonance speaker enclosures.
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Acoustic Diode

The Wilson Audio R&D team has spent the past few years developing their latest advancement in vibration mitigation, the Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode. 
Building upon the research and development of Pedestal, the Special Applications Engineering Team is excited to announce the Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode™ (AD Spike for short). At the heart of the Acoustic Diode is Wilson Audio’s proprietary “V-Material.” This superior constrained layer damping composite is unsurpassed in vibration absorption and resonance control.
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