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Momentum M400 MxV Monoblock Amplifier
The original Momentum Mono Amplifier was the first product designed and manufactured by the company and the latest version, the Momentum M400 MxV Mono amplifier elevates this iconic design to its greatest height. The Momentum M400 MxV models feature techniques and topologies initially developed and implemented in the Relentless Mono Amplifier. This fullest expression of the Momentum circuitry is reflected in the new model name, MxV. Those with a physics background will recognise that MxV or Mass times Velocity is the equation for Momentum.
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Momentum S250 MxV Stereo Amplifier
The Momentum S250 MvX stereo amplifier delivers the extraordinary sound quality of the Momentum M400 MvX monoblock in a more affordable stereo design. The circuit topology and construction of the stereo amplifier mirror those of the monoblock, using the same ultra-efficient copper heat sinks with venturi cooling, the same 1% metal-film resistors, the same 69 MHz output transistors and the same fully complementary balanced configuration. The result is audio fidelity equaled by no other amplifier— except, of course, the Momentum M400 MxV monoblock itself. The leading compliment to the Momentum S250 MvX Stereo is the Momentum HD Preamplifier, creating a harmony worthy of any aficionado.
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Progression M550 Mono Amplifier
There is no mistaking the D’Agostino family styling of the second generation Progression M550 Mono Amplifier.  With innovative circuitry and virtually unlimited power output, the Progression M550 Mono Amplifiers deliver intimate musical details, three-dimensional sound staging, and startling dynamics not possible from less capable designs.
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Progression S350 Stereo Amplifier
The Progression S350 Stereo Amplifier adds a potent stereo option to the Progression family.  Inspired by the elegant faces of classic Swiss watches, the Progression S350 Stereo is fronted by an exposed movement power meter. Featuring two 90° needle swing arms, a high-speed ballistic circuit enhances the meter’s responsiveness. Longer swing arms improve readability across the amplifier’s entire output range.  Combining innovative circuitry and significant power, the Progression S350 Stereo amplifier provides loudspeakers with the control element they need to achieve their full design expression.
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Relentless Mono Block Amplifier
With its 5.5-kilowatt power supply feeding roughly 100 output devices, the Relentless Monoblock easily delivers 1,500 watts into 8 ohms—and when connected to a 220-volt outlet, it doubles its output to 3,000 watts into 4 ohms and 6,000 watts into 2 ohms, all while maintaining the same musical composure it offers at a mere 1 watt.
The entire chassis of the Relentless Monoblock is machined from solid aluminium, for superior shielding, thermal stability and vibration damping. High-precision milling allows the entire chassis to fit together solidly with no visible fasteners.
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