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D'Agostino Pre-Amps

Dan D'Agostino


Momentum HD Pre-Amplifier
The Momentum HD Preamplifier builds on the award-winning platform of the Momentum Preamplifier. The new HD status represents the high dynamic and high definition improvements that have been achieved in this substantial upgrade. Advancements in the audio circuitry, power supply, and control sections are incorporated  in the new Momentum HD Preamplifier
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Progression Pre-Amplifier
The Progression Preamplifier adds new features previously not included in a D’Agostino preamplifier. Most noticeably, the Progression Preamplifier features an optional digital module. The digital module adds coaxial, Toslink, and USB inputs to the analogue base model. Also new is the Bluetooth technology featured in the included remote control. The Bluetooth backbone extends the range of the remote by a factor of five and eliminates line of sight limitations that are inherent in IR remote controls.
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