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Pass Labs Pre-Amps

Pass Labs


XS Pre-Amplifiers
This large, dual-chassis preamplifier is built in the true dual-mono arrangement. Each channel has its own power supply board with over 100,000uf of capacitance for an unfettered transient response. Noise levels have been dropped from the already low-noise XP30. Refined circuit design and layout, new gain-stages with auto-bias and DC compensation all combine for optimal performance. But it all comes down to sound; once you listen to the Xs preamplifier, there is no going back.
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XP Line Level
The Pass Laboratories XP-10, XP-20 and XP-30 preamplifiers are the natural descendants to the long-lived, highly acclaimed and successful X series of Pass Laboratories line-stages.
These are simply the best pre-amplifiers Pass Laboratories has ever built! Audition the new Pass Labs preamplifiers and rekindle your love affair with music!

* XP-12 - 1 Chassis Pre-Amp
* XP-22 - 2 Chassis Pre-Amp
* XP-32 - 3 Chassis Pre-Amp
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