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ASC Acoustic Treatments


Acoustic Treatment

The SoundPlank is perfect for absorbing excess mid-range frequencies while keeping the acoustics bright and alive. Reverberation and echo signals are controlled while a fine-grained, diffusive reflection pattern fills the room. The resulting acoustic signature is smooth and uniform throughout.

Acoustic Coffered Ceiling
Retain the ambience of the hubbub, enhance the clarity of tabletop conversation and quiet intrusions from across the room. Perfect retrofit for restaurants and coffee shops, fellowship and activity halls, meeting and conference rooms and speciality rooms such as home theatres, museums, and art galleries.

Acoustic Soffit
With hundreds of hours of real-world testing, ASC’s engineering and product development technicians have produced the best acoustical soffit available anywhere. Acoustic engineers have known for hundreds of years that a soffit is an excellent sound diffuser. ASC improved the idea to include absorption and custom room tuning.

The MatrixPanel, designed for use when your listening position is near a wall, softening the sonic reflection of the wall without deadening the sound.

Architects inspired our engineering department to search for a Panel design that brought calmness, blending well into the home theatre, pleasing the whole family. We tried dozens of ideas, designing by feel and visual aesthetics. Ultimately we arrived at the CinemaPanel as the Panel of minimum intrusion, perfect for home theatres.

Built to interior design standards, it features bevel cut face, crisp corners and smooth finish, comes in a wide variety of beautiful fabrics and is trimmed out by a paintable white picture frame. The ASC Sound Panel is completely finished on all sides, including the back.

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