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Sub Woofers

Watch Dog Subwoofer
The new passive WATCH Dog provides the most cost-effective and flexible approach to that goal, whether in a single unit or a multiple unit configuration. Key to this flexibility is the new external WATCH Dog Controller, highlighted in the next section.
A true subwoofer, capable of clean, distortion-free sub-frequency response, has to be sufficiently large to move the volume of air which visceral frequencies require. As hard as some manufacturers may try, there's no getting around the laws of physics on this one. The good news is, the passive WATCH Dog is 40% smaller than its predecessor while maintaining the same internal tuned volume. So the new WATCH Dog is easier to place in your listening environment with no sacrifice in performance.
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Thor's Hammer
The Thor’s Hammer is the lineal descendant of all these subwoofers. But most significantly, it’s the first subwoofer that utilizes the new driver and crossover technology developed for the WATCH Dog® to equal and surpasses the performance of the XS in a cabinet that won’t overwhelm most rooms. The result is flat bass extension below the limit of human hearing—into the frequency range where the word “visceral” becomes literally descriptive.
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Wilson Audio Subsonic
The Wilson Audio Subsonic is the fraternal twin of the WAMM Master Subsonic. It features the same subwoofer drivers and the same internal volume.
The Subsonic is the perfect addition to Alexx or Alexia's, either configured as a single mono unit, or as a two-channel stereo pair. In either configuration, it offers performance in the 10-30hz range that is only exceeded by the WAMM Master Subsonic itself. 
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Activ XO Controller - NEW
The ActivXO is the long-awaited and thoroughly updated replacement for Wilson’s revolutionary Controller. It is a two-channel, fully analogue electronic crossover with an array of features. It can be used in conjunction with a dedicated music system, or as the subwoofer control unit in a home theatre system. In systems used for the enjoyment of music and surround the film, the ActivXO is configurable to accommodate both —optimally and simultaneously.    
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