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Transparent PowerIsolator MM with Reference MM Cord


Power Conditioning

The PowerIsolator MM (PIMM) is the first line of defense against line noise and grunge in your system. The PIMM plugs directly into a wall outlet and provides two 15-amp hospital grade outlets, so you can protect two components with one PIMM unit. PIMM has a detachable PowerLink MM power cord that connects to a 20-amp IEC socket on the back of the unit.
The PowerIsolator MM features the security of surge protection without any of the performance drawbacks normally associated with surge protectors. Only Transparent gives you peace of mind without compromising in any way the music or picture that your system produces. After extensive research, Transparent developed an avalanche-diode design that gives the ultimate in protection; this is offered on all of their PowerBank and PowerIsolator products.
For truly high performance systems they recommend using PowerIsolator MMs with every component, to isolate components from each other and from other noise sources on your AC line. Although intended for use with the PowerLink MM or XL power cords, PowerIsolator MM will improve the performance of an audio component using a built-in power cord or any other detachable power cord. The PowerIsolator MM chassis creates a complete shield around the AC signal path and the PowerIsolator network inside provides wide band noise isolation in a totally transparent manner. The PowerLink MM power cord is 2 meters long and is fitted with an RF-noise inhibiting network.

  • 2 High-current, grounded noise-isolated surge protected outlets.
  • Both outlets offer identical performance with any audio or video component, including high power amplifiers.
  • Ultimate performance come when PowerIsolator MM2 is used with only 1 component.
  • Detachable high-current PowerLink MM2 power cord. This PowerLink MM2 cord delivers full power and additional conditioning via its RF-inhibiting network.
  • Free-standing or rack-mount operation.
  • Precision-machined isolation feet decouple PowerIsolator MM2 from vibrations.
  • Solid aluminium chassis combined with their proprietary internal damping epoxy create an incredibly quiet structure to house the precise noise filtration and surge protection circuitry, thus further lowering the noise floor.
  • Circuit layout enhances electrical isolation.
  • Each PowerIsolator MM2 is individually measured and calibrated to optimum specifications.


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