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Vantage 850D-DA Audio Amplifier


Digital Distributed Audio Amplifier

Scroll through your entire music library. View songs, artists and album information for Equinox keypads, touch screens or mobile apps. With more sources, zones, power, control and features. Vantage's multi-room audio systems simplify the enjoyment of your music.

One of the most advanced, dedicated multi-room distributed audio amplifiers on the market, the 850D-DA offers linked or independent volume control for each room and accepts up to twelve input signals from a wide variety of digital or analogue audio sources, including DVD and Blu-ray players, media servers, CD players, cable and satellite boxes, digital music players, and more.

The Vantage 850D-DA has six amplified stereo outputs with 50-watts per channel (into 8-ohms, or 75-watts into 4-ohms), plus two stereo line-level outputs (pre-amplified, and fully controllable).
 It has eight analogue inputs and 12 digital inputs. Media files are accessed through a network port. There are also two doorbell inputs, a USB port, and Amp On control connections.

Fifteen program presets, including momentary and two pages presets, provide homeowners and their guests with easy to use customized audio control options (via touchscreen interfaces). Zones can be selectively linked together. Each analogue input has its own software-based gain control and also features an audio delay setup adjustment that supports Vantage 1080HD integration.

Like all Vantage products, the 850D-DA is designed to maximize control, simplify functionality, and expedite installation. The amplifiers are protected against short-term output shorts and have three progressive levels of thermal protection. Vantage products are built to the highest standards of quality and reliability.