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Pass Labs Xs Amps

Pass Labs

Power Amplifiers

These are Pass Laboratories ultimate expression of Power Amplifiers the perfect blend of science and visceral emotion. 
 there’s a more emotionally satisfying amplifier anywhere, we’re not aware of it. The successor to our already lavishly praised and well regarded Supersymmetry patent.

Every technical effort has been made to assure exceptional specifications, among these:

  * Separate chassis - for lower electromagnetic noise
  * Power Supplies - with the greatly enhanced storage capacitance
  * Banks of redundantly parallel high speed - and soft recovery rectifiers
  * Noise filters - with improved high frequency
  * Larger and quieter transformers
  * Improved passive decoupling
  * Lower power standby
  * Input impedance - of 200 k-ohm balanced with negligible capacitance

* Xs 150
* Xs 300

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