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Zero Cables


A Dream Come Realised
Making loudspeaker cables is not black art, although some people claim so. When AudioVector started the process that ended up with their Zero cables, they had a very good idea of what they wanted to achieve.

Copper and Screen
AudioVector knew from the start that they wanted to use pure copper and some kind of quality screening. They also knew that they did not want to impair the dynamics of their speakers – on the contrary: AudioVector had a hunch that most cables work as “brakes” instead of catapulting the sound on to the speakers without delay.

AudioVector also knew that it makes good sense to use the same cable principles outside the speakers as inside. This means pure copper, a defined number of strands and also a different gauge for plus and minus. Studies into the effect of soldering versus crimping cables and plugs together revealed that crimping simply sounds a lot better. Consequently, crimping it was!


The Zero Arreté

Is essentially a fine-tuned, cryogenically treated and perfectly upgraded version, which is a great performer in its own right. While there is no ‘black art’ behind the theory of the Arreté cable, AudioVector hesitate's to divulge the details and just say this: Every aspect has been fine tuned to the Nth degree’.

The Zero Avantgarde

Is an asymmetrical, quasi-screened cable with impressive dynamics and a huge soundstage. It is immune to the data traffic in the environment around it, which means that distortion is down by a factor of two.


The Zero Signature

Is an asymmetrical, reverse screened speaker cable with a great dynamic contrast, a huge soundstage and immunity to airborne distortion.


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