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Transparent Launches the New Opus PowerIsolater


by The Audio Beat | September 29, 2016

" The Opus PowerIsolator is the first power conditioner in Transparent Audio's top line. It provides broadband power-line noise filtering and power-factor correction, along with unrestricted current flow via two grounded, surge-protected outlets.
"Painstakingly constructed with multi-step measurements and circuit adjustments," like so many of Transparent Audio's products, the Opus PowerIsolator is calibrated for the conditions in which it will be used, taking into account the included two-meter Opus power cord and the end user's AC voltage and frequency.
The Opus PowerIsolator's epoxy-loaded, fully damped carbon-fibre outer case damps vibrations, and its low centre of gravity is said to "further ensure that any excess energy broadly dissipates away from the filter circuitry." The Opus PowerIsolator is available for US, UK, EU and other power applications. "

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